6. Empower

istock empower

Liberate yourself from being the victim. Misfortune is not your fault, it is inevitable for everyone.  It is life, and we are all in it together – to learn.  Confront your fears as opportunities to grow stronger and claim your life.   Foster the mental strength to never give up at living your passion, and to think in new ways. Conquer your self-limiting beliefs with a new and empowering belief system. Be persistent with self-motivation to instill the courage, strength and drive to take the next steps.

Stop asking “why?” for there is no answer to that question; stop hiding from life as a victim.  Recognize that when you suffer, so too does your family, friends and humanity. Take responsibility for your happiness – none but you can control it.

Transform self-absorption into genuine empathy for yourself and all others alike. Never sit in judgement and replace your negative thoughts e.g. “I can’t”, with thoughts that are more productive e.g. “I may be unable today but I will tomorrow”.  Conquer your self-limiting beliefs by adopting a new and empowering belief system that anchors you into your preferred reality. (To prevail your belief system must be in harmony with your subconscious.) Your thoughts and belief system dictate your behavior and your results. You are a reflection of your thoughts – empower yourself with your strengths – it is in your control.

The energy of empowerment can give you tremendous courage and strength to take the next steps.  But as fear is the greatest opponent to self-empowerment you must vanquish it; stare down your fears – and they immediately weaken, observe them – and they lessen, and understand them with love and you will soon realize they can no longer harm you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Universal Law of Love/Transformation (love is stronger than fear) dictates that only when we understand what we are learning (why we were blocked with fear) and express our true feelings in a loving approach will we achieve the clarity required for effective change.  Learn with the help of LIFE COACHING to open your mind and empower yourself to achieve permanent, positive results.

Never give up at living at your passion.  Be persistent and do the work for there is no quick fix to life.  Determine what the costs are for doing nothing and for not achieving your dreams. This will be your motivation to develop the courage and strength to face and overcome your fears.  Now you will discover what is meaningful and valuable to you; and by conquering your fears you are creating the resilience required to prevail over your next life hurdle and to live a more joyful life in the process.  You are powerful and you are resilient. Be the measure of your own life, run your own race.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face”   – Eleanor Roosevelt

7.  Act

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